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RedZone focuses on the Orange Mound community and serves students who primarily attend Melrose High and Hanley/Aspire Elementary Schools.  Orange Mound boundaries are generally recognized by RZ as Airways Avenue on the west, Highland Street on the east, Lamar/Kimball on the south, and Southern Avenue on the north.

RZ, a high functioning youth serving organization, is an operational ministry of Memphis Leadership Foundation (MLF). As RZ’s parent organization, MLF has a rich, twenty-five years plus history of creating, developing, and implementing ministries that have changed the landscape of urban ministry in the greater Memphis.

MLF has significant capacity as an intermediary organization, and as an operational ministry, RZ adheres to the administrative and organizational structure of MLF. The staff of RZ currently reports to an advisory council which receives its affirmation from the MLF Board of Directors.​

The staff (volunteers) of RZ is deeply challenged by the following general needs facing at-risk children and youth and is uniquely qualified to meet those needs. These are the needs that we are focusing on:​

  • Academic and educational encouragement
  • Social enhancement
  • Economic development and opportunities
  • Advocacy
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Spiritual guidance and formation
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