Our Values

RedZone Ministries is committed to:

  • The Community:  We are committed to the people and the place.
  • The Vulnerable:  God is deeply concerned about the poor, the weary, the least, the last and the lost.
  • The Church:  We seek to be a resource to the body and to serve as a conduit for creative, innovative, effective and outreach service delivery.
  • Empowerment:  We are committed to a servant-leadership model where every effort will be made to equip, enable, encourage and assist other leaders committed to serving the community.
  • Reconciliation:  We are committed to providing opportunities that facilitate and foster appreciation for diversity in the body of Christ, the community and the city.
  • Risk:  Creativity, innovation and courage are welcomed and necessary.

God has called us to a particular place. His Spirit is already in these places and we believe that He fully intends for the whole church to engage in these places. Orange Mound, like every community in Memphis, desperately needs an act of grace. Orange Mound is a place where a measure of God’s common grace and holistic ministry should and can be extended.

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