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Our Vision | RedZone Ministries

Our Vision

Our desire is that Orange Mound be transformed into a place of peace, fulfilling God’s vision in Zechariah 8:4 & 5 where “once again, men and women of a ripe old age will sit in the streets. . .each with cane in hand and where city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there”.

Redzone Ministries​ is working towards the social and spiritual renewal of the Orange Mound Community by building strong children, strong families, and strong communities. RedZone Ministries (RZ), is a holistic outreach ministry whose primary strategy is to serve urban young people between the ages of 9-18 who live in one of Memphis’ most under-served communities.

Committed to an asset-based community development approach, RZ is actively involved in the Orange Mound Neighborhood at the street level and is effectively supporting leaders and organizations already serving the community. School-aged young people are positively impacted through relationships with staff and volunteers.

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